Suor Angelica

When: May 30, 31 & June 1 2019

Where: St. John's Cathedral Courtyard 

          413 Cumberland Avenue

           Knoxville, TN 37902

Time: 7:30pm 

Tickets: $30 Adults

            $15 Students 

Suor Angelica is a unique one-act opera containing moments of harrowing drama and unequalled redemptive beauty. 

The story takes place in a convent over one day, intensifying as it unravels. At the opera’s opening, our main character Sister Angelica claims, during a discussion among the nuns, to have no desires, but she lies. She has a hidden, burning desire — to see her illegitimate son that was taken from her seven years ago, and whom she has thought of every day. 

So when her unforgiving aunt, the Princess, pays a visit to the convent and is forced to tell Angelica that her son tragically died two years previously, she is plunged into suicidal delirium. She hears her son calling to her — she must go to meet him… but in taking her own life, she is committing a sin. Will she be redeemed, re-united, and finally accepted for who she is? 

Meet the Cast

Suor Angelica

Jacquie Breechen


Whitney Myers


Emily Simmons

Maestra Della Novizie

Jenna Weaver

Cercatrice 1

Kayla Beard

Cercatrice 2

Katlyn Householder


Aubrey Odle

Chorus & Principessa Cover

Cynthia Smith

Chorus & Zelatrice Cover

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Ryan Colbert


Kate Shepas

Osmina & Novice 1

Hannah Friend

Novice 2

Marya Barry

Lay Sister 2

Sarah Parker


Kate Smith

Lay Sister 1

Amanda Peavyhouse


Brenda Luggie


Stage Director


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