Directing Pinocchio

We're excited to be bringing a children's opera to life as an outreach to children of all ages to Knoxville. This particular production is called "Pinocchio." It is a series of classical opera selections of music cleverly strung together with new English text, and dialogue by John Davies to create a classic children's story! There is music from Mozart, Donizetti, Gilbert & Sullivan, Offenbach, and others. 7 characters played by 4 singing actors.

I am directing four of Marble City Opera's young artists in this production and each of them has a different challenge. Three of them are playing two characters, so they have to transform in body language, accent, tone, and movement to create each of their characters. (As a performer this challenge is definitely an exciting one!) Pinocchio is being played by a soprano, and while she is not changing into multiple characters, she is playing a wooden boy who then through magic comes to life. After a 3 hour music and dialogue rehearsal and a 4 hour staging rehearsal, we are already two-thirds of the way finished in blocking the opera. (The blocking is the movement that the singing actors do for each line they say or sing. As the director, I get to tell them where to go, when to go, and how to go! But each actor brings their own charisma to rehearsal that helps inspire me and their characters.)

If you have children or you would just like to see what opera is all about, come join us on Saturday, Feb. 1 at 11am at the Downtown Public Library in Knoxville! It's a free performance and only lasts about 35 minutes. I promise you'll hear some beautiful music and enjoy a laugh! If you are a huge opera fan, you will enjoy hearing the clever ways John Davies has transformed the music of Mozart into a story about Pinocchio!

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