Bon Appetite: 20th Century Opera

Bon Appetite by Lee Hobby was composed in 1989 and is a one-woman opera about Julia Child! This would be a fantastic opera to produce as a film out of someone's kitchen! Perfect for the current conditions of our industry.

We produced this opera for Marble City Opera in 2013 as part of an Opera, Food, and Wine Event that we held at the North Shore Brasserie during our first season. We paired this opera with a song cycle by Leonard Bernstein entitled "Four recipes." Four recipes were sung by local favorite, Noelle Harb, and Bon Appetite was sung by Martha Prewitt, both were spectacular in their roles under the direction of Aaron Dunn, who directed the two peices with comic flair. Noelle played a young girl continually failing to make her four recipes. At the end of her sung performance she turned on the tv to find Julia Child, (Martha Prewitt), standing on a platform behind Noelle. As Martha began her performance of Bon Appetite, which is based on an episode of Julia Child's cooking show, Noelle began to try to cook the same beautiful chocolate cake. As Julia Child produced the perfect cake Noelle's character continued to epically fail leaving the audience in hysterics, and covered in flour!

The evening as a whole was simply splendid. Before the performance the audience had enjoyed their own amazing meal prepared by North Shore Brasserie and Wine provided by Corks.

soprano, Noelle Harb and mezzo-soprano, Martha Prewitt

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