20th Century Opera - Part 4 - The Stronger

Here we are looking back at 20th and 21st century operas I have produced, directed, or performed in in the last few years. In 1952 The Stronger by Hugo Weisgall was composed. I had planned on producing a larger production that we ended up not having the funding for, so I did what we're all working on doing now, and I pivoted. Fortunately, I only had one artist that I had spoken to about the project, so I went looking for a one-woman opera to feature her, and we decided on The Stronger.

I directed this opera for Marble City Opera in 2017 staring soprano Julia Metry and co-starring Denisha Miller Pompey. The Stronger is for one soprano and one silent character and is based on a play of the same name by Strindberg. It takes place in a bar and at the end you are left with the decision of who is the stronger the woman?

We performed the opera at a bar set up in Holly's Gourmets Market, and Denisha sang a few arias to get our audience in the mood and to establish her silent role as a performer. I had a fabulous time working with and directing these two sopranos, and have brought them back each back for other projects.

As you will discover, if you continue to read about some of the operas I have worked on, there are many one-woman operas for soprano! In fact, you may see some more of these next season with Marble City Opera. Only time will tell!

Denisha Miller as silent character and Julia Metry as Estelle

Rehearsal Photo by Marble City Opera

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